Word Forward

All businesses have their ebbs and flows and when things get busy, there's often a call for another pair of hands on deck. But it can be hard to justify the associated costs and overheads of employing someone casually or engaging the services of a temp. Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly attractive option because you pay only for the time it takes to complete the project - no hidden fees or trying to find space in the office as all work is undertaken virtually. A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides remote administration support using their own equipment in their own office.

In addition to providing professional business services, a Virtual Assistant can help you with all the 'boring' stuff, the stuff you leave until there's nothing else to do - data entry, mail-outs, newsletters. A VA can also help with all those things you want to do but never seem to have the time for - writing an e-book as a promotional tool, research, editing your web-site. Let us help show you the way forward.